Deep Woods // Visual Arts Exhibition, Winter/Spring 2015

Less than two weeks left until Deep Woods, an exhibition curated by Patrick Macaulay, will leave Harbourfront Centre, its home for the past four months (where does the time go!).

If you’re in the area, swing by and take a look at a collection of images I contributed to the exhibit before June 14Deep Woods showcases work that explores the country’s “vast forests and wild untamed environments” by various talented Canadian artists. 


And below is a short statement on the work I contributed this year:

“The photographs presented are vignettes from a larger body of work entitled, Cousin, We Have Grown Up. The expansive project tells the story of Jon who, having lived in a tipi for three years, directly participated in procuring his own food, clothing and shelter. Having adopted this sustainable lifestyle, Jon was able to develop an intimate connection with nature as he began to discover his true, raw self.

The series depicts the complexities and contradictions of a man coming to terms with questions that involve self-identity, rejection of modern society, and the difficulties in establishing an authentic connection with nature.

The grid presented not only serves as a narrative of Jon’s life, but also functions as a self-reflexive exploration of the natural world and the artist’s evolving relationship with it.”